How it works: the reverse data model

Service provider keeps the relationship with the end-user

Getting a Bubl is a seamless experience. A Bubl is automatically created when a user uses a service that runs on Bubl Cloud.

Data is securely stored

Every Bubl is fully encrypted. Only the user has access and decides what happens with and within their Bubl.

Every company can make a service

Using our Bubl SDK. We currently support any front-end and any compiled language as a back-end programming language.

Users can install additional services

Users can simply add services by installing them from the service hub.

Bringing the service to the data

Services run contained within a user's Bubl. Meaning the user's data can be used without ever leaving their own Bubl.

Services can use AI on all of a user's combined data

When the user gives permission, a service within a Bubl can access all of a user's combined data. Using AI to provide unique benefits that are tailored to the user.

Foundation guarantees privacy

A foundation ensures everyone plays by the same rules. This guarantees everyone's privacy. Now and in the future.