How does Bubl Cloud allow me to build the next generation of personalized services?

Personalization is the key to innovation. Whether it is personalized healthcare, personalized eCommerce or personalized HR.

This innovation requires privacy-sensitive personal data. Increasing privacy demands by consumers and regulators. The personalization-privacy paradox.

With Bubl Cloud your service can safely use privacy sensitive data. Solving the personalization-privacy paradox. Allowing you to build the next generation of personalized services.

How can my service safely use privacy sensitive data when using Bubl Cloud?

Bubl Cloud works differently than other cloud providers.

  1. For every end-user data is stored in a personnel encrypted data vault, which we call Bubl.
  2. We send your service to the personal Bubl.

Allowing your service to safely use the data stored in the Bubl, because the data can be used without leaving the Bubl.

Do my end-users need to create an account at Bubl Cloud?

Your end-users always interact with your service. Bubl Cloud just works in the background.

Does Bubl Cloud comply with privacy regulations like GDPR and HIPAA?

Yes. When using Bubl Cloud your service automatically complies with privacy regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.


  1. All data is stored encrypted in a personal data vault with a unique encryption key with the user.
  2. The user is automatically in control of what happens with their data.

Can I build anything using Bubl Cloud?

Yes. Bubl Cloud supports all web-based front-ends and all compiled languages to build:

  • Interactive front-ends advanced
  • data pipelines
  • (federated) machine learning.

How do I use Bubl Cloud as a service provider?

With three easy steps:

  1. Seamlessly request a personal data vault, which we call Bubl, using simple rest api's.
  2. Bubl Cloud sends your service to the personal Bubl.
  3. Your service safely uses the data inside the Bubl, creating the best personalized experience.

What does Bubl Cloud cost?

The secure and privacy safe end-user Bub itself is completely free. Both to you as a service provider and the end-user. This includes all data storage and processing within end-user Bubl limits.
Bubl Cloud charges for:

  1. Registering as a service provider is € 25,- per year.
  2. Connecting to a Bubl: € 0.01 per month. Yes, that is only 1 cent per month for all the benefits of the Bubl platform. Regardless of how often you connect to that Bubl per month.
  3. Online transactions for digital services that use the Bubl cloud are charged a service fee of 15%.

What do I get as a service provider when using Bubl Cloud?

As a service provider you can:

  • Auto create secure personal Bubls with our service for your end-users in a seamless experience.
  • Manage your services in the Bubl Cloud service store.
  • Handle online financial transactions.
  • Access developer documentation & support.

What is a Business Bubl?

A business Bubl allows a service provider to safely execute key tasks with the Bubl Cloud ecosystem. Including:

  • Creating new Bubl's for end-users in a seamless experience.
  • Connecting to an end-user Bubl for receiving privacy safe insights or data.
  • Analytics and dashboards.
  • Running standard cloud and resource intensive applications that exceed the resource limits of the end-user Bubl. This includes long-running applications, containers, or applications that require more storage, cpu and/or memory.

What are the benefits of a Business Bubl?

Business Bubl's have the same benefits as end-user Bubls.

  • All data is stored and transferred end-to-end encrypted with a key unique to the company using the Business Bubl.
  • Bubl Cloud itself has, by default, no access to your data.
  • Compliant with privacy laws & regulations.
  • High available.
  • Automatically secure and up-to-date.
  • Actively monitored.

In addition:

  • Business Bubls can be sized according to your needs.
  • Business Bublscan be placed in a Bubl Data center location of your choice.
  • Business Bublshave a flexible SLA for additional support.

How does using Bubl Cloud solve the privacy sensitive tech support issue?

Technical or software updates can simply be done by making a new release. The 3rd party developer can simply upload a new release to our services store. This update is then rolled out to all the Bubl where the service is installed. This separates the update process from access to data. If specific user support does require access to user data. The user themselves can give access for support on a case by case basis. But never is access given to the full database. We have also implemented measures to prevent fraud in this instance.